11 Mental Maps Kreuzberg

Master’s thesis by Ivana Sidzimovska

Supervised by Maren Strack/Fritz Balthaus & Frederic Schröder/Johannes Navy

11 Mental Maps Kreuzberg focuses on subjective notions of Berlin’s neighborhood Kreuzberg formed through personal experiences, feelings and everyday life practices of a group of residents. The research relied upon the method of mental mapping by asking the participants to draw a personal map of Kreuzberg. The maps involved only places that are subjectively meaningful to the residents, accompanied by a brief explanation of why these places are important. Based on these information one (joint) mental map of Kreuzberg and numerous street signs, whose content was related to the explanation notes, were created. Using the same visual language and form as official street signs in Berlin and installed on the mapped locations, the signs contested and subverted the formal narrative and function of these places.