Autonomy Help Me!

Master’s Thesis by Eva Giannakopoulou

Supervised by Prof. Alice Creischer & Dr. Kathrin Wildner

The project “Autonomy Help Me!” is an allegory on Autonomic and topological inquiries during our very tumultuous and hypnotizing deptocratic era. Using writing, installation, video and a live-speech event, I attempt to auto-delineate my personal position by transferring pieces of Street and Bed –social and intimate-, into a paradox surface: a space where an exhibition can potentially happen.

In the process, I focus on Cornelius Castoriadis’ Radical Imaginary theories through the prism of collective and individual Autonomy, whilst wondering on the temporal “distribution” of the artistic production in a political space such as the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. Having a provocative attitude towards political and feminist theories I “exhibit” my observations by posing metaphoric questions on the timely demand of Autonomy and its link to the Body not only as a biological but also a potentially overthrowing entity.

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Installation with chairs, posters, microphones, books, paper, bowls, water, powdered milk, canvas and a video (6min 40sec). Live-speech event with the participation of Aristoteles Chaitidis, Giorgos Metaxas and Grigoris Katsakoulis (45min).