Courses Winter Term 2019-2020

Dear students of “Spatial Strategies”!

After the obligatory introductions week, the courses of winter term 2019-20 will start on October 21. Known and new teachers, excursions in aesthetics and cognitive psychology, as well as in the landscape, a block seminar on post-studio practices and practical seminars on mapping and on montage in film and video, among other things, are awaiting you. We’re happy to inaugurate the theory-practice-project “Politics-Poetics of Space” in collaboration with neuer berliner kunstverein / nbk. Vis-à-vis the equally delicate and exciting questions raised by the urban-historical events and political-architectural interventions occurred in Berlin since the fall of the Wall, how can we contribute to a narrative that overcomes ideological representations and blatant myths, perhaps shaking them a bit, with the tools of art?

So… Welcome to this winter term! We are looking forward to questioning, inventing, working together in the upcoming months.

Semesterplan Wintersemester 2019-20