Filmabend – Lost In the Fumes

Tuesday, 17. December 2019, 19.00 Hs.
weißensee, khb. Raumstrategien, T3.02

Lost In the Fumes
Hong Kong|2017|93min|In Cantonese with Chi&Eng subtitles

Director: Lam Tze Wing Nora
Producer: Vincent Chui, Peter Yam

In conversation with Boni Cheng, Hong Kong activist.

Synopsis: Edward Leung was an average student before he unexpectedly finds himself at the focal point of two Legislative Council elections. The 60,000 votes from By-election guaranteed his seat in the next round, yet the regime closed the door of LegCo by imposing extra measures. He could only put his backup Baggio Leung into the race. Meanwhile Edward faces counts of rioting charges for taking part in the Mongkok Protest. Once an rising star, now may be a doomed prisoner. As the oath-taking controversy unfold, Edward retreats from spotlight and goes studying abroad while chaos continue to reign over Hong Kong

Director Bio: A comparative literature and French graduate from the University of Hong Kong. She premiered her first feature documentary Road Not Taken(2016) in Hong Kong Independent Film Festival 2016. Road Not Takenwas also screened in a series of overseas film festivals and local community screenings. Her first documentary short Midnight in Mong Kok(2014) was a finalist of the Open Category of the 21st ifva Awards and was also featured in some foreign film festivals.

Road Not Taken (2016)
Midnight in Mong Kok (2014)

Director’s message: In early 2016, the Mong Kok Protest and the LegCo By-election transformed Edward Leung from a student to a political fresher under the limelight. With unwavering passion and unchallenged spirits, he became the brightest hope for the localists’ entry to the LegCo. I was one of the many at his pre-election rally. The vigorous crowd cast a deep impression in my mind, but I was more moved by Hongkongers’ faith in this politician. I immediately had the idea of recording his story and the sensation he caused. It was only after our personal encounters that I discovered Edward’s stirring inner self under the heroic façade: the political leader who bore the burden of all those expectations is at the same time an ordinary youngster at the crossroad of his life.

In the course of filming, the story had been forced to change according to the political circumstances. Still, my focus has always been his personal story: the immense pressure, the constant self-doubt, the depression and despair and, the most important of all, the purest ideal deep inside his soul.

Edward’s story of daring the world and braving the authority may be distant from us. Still, regardless of political stance, everyone has experienced the confusion and struggle of embracing adulthood, and all the ‘what if’s that come after each of our choices. I believe the commonalities among us Hongkongers are far more prevalent than the political differences we hold. I do hope Lost in the Fumes can be a pathway for you to see Edward and yourself in the different light.