It is usually not possible to see how, where and by whom your products are made. In 2014, an international group of ten artists met at Weißensee School of Art in Berlin and devised Aktion Set.
Aktion Set is a performance that demonstrates the mechanism of production, from source to target. We are a female workforce who transform raw materials into products through both material and immaterial labour. Source materials are appropriated from the public and fed into the production chain. We process the material through different stages, from marketing research to industrial development, from product design to packaging. Optimised using only the most advanced technology, coupled with the input of ‚creatives‘, the finished product is available for consumption at the iconic price of 99 cents, producing value – for nothing!
The production chain can be witnessed step by step by consumers. The chain continues to run as long as the consumer continues to feed it.
Aktion Set have performed at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Kunsthochschule Weissensee and Ackerstadt Festival, Berlin. This will be their London debut.

By and with: Patricia Breves, Alexine Chanel, Laura Engelhardt, Sonja Hornung, Yukiko Nagakura, Mari Poller, Eva Schmidhuber, Pailin Tansawat, Jolanda Todt, Maria Fernandez Verdeja

With thanks to Kathrin Wildner