MY SPACE – From the search of locality

Master’s Thesis by Nathalie Fari

Supervised by Dr. Dagmar Hoffmann & Dr. Günter Nest

The practice based master thesis from the German-Brazilian Performance-Artist Nathalie Fari, which was published as catalogue under the title MY SPACE – From the search of locality in 2009, addresses the topic of global migration processes. In doing so, the question of space, the question of where we dwell, where we come from and where we are at home, is central. By assuming that in times of globalisation, it is increasingly difficult to understand one’s origin and also the feeling of home, Nathalie deals in her theoretical work with the notion of „Bodenlos“ from the philosopher Vilém Flusser (1920-1991). In her practical work, this notion serves as starting point to design a series of lecture-performances in the format of letters. These letters: The Uncanny Body, Unsettled Situation, Other Sites and Homeland is Saudade describe in a figurative, non-linear and associative way, the paths and detours of a person who has left his point of origin and attempted to adapt to a new reality – or one who is (in a metaphorical sense) displaced.

In addition to that, Nathalie has developed in collaboration with the stage designer Michaela Muchina (also from Kunsthochschule Weißensee) the performance MEIN_RAUM which wasn’t only shown at the Master-presentation at the Brazilian Embassy, but at other places as well, i.a. at the VERBO Performance Festival in São Paulo.

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Practical Work

Letter I –
Letter IV –

Photo: Anton Roland Laub, Bukarest, 2008