Masterausstellung “SPATIAL ATARAXIA”

The practical part of Master’s Thesis Spatial Ataraxia artworks aimed at developing performative, installative and interventionistic practices. Taking into consideration the difficulties in gaining access to Mount Athos in Greece that can be described as a realm of enclosure and isolation and simultaneously accessibility, I managed to develop a series of documented self-performative interpretations, such as series of ethnological record keeping of the ascetic maternal coenobitic society of Great Lavra’s Monastery. Having had this experience I now go one step further by exhibiting my empirical fragments of emotional spaces into the new concept of space strategy in Reformationskirche-Site-specific context in Berlin.

The aim of this artistic study is to identify the characteristics of the physically and spiritually connectivity of the body and its environmental coexistence, throughout repetitive expressions, which as method manages the self equanimity and tranquility. A virtual rationalisation of sacred spaces throughout body-mapping and installative orientation is now to be given correlating the bipolar perception value of heterotopies and western normative rules. The artistic works of the exhibition “Spatial Ataraxia” refers to a metaphor (Greek: transport, transmission or allegory) of religion spaces, ascetics (ancient Greek term askesis: training or exercise) and epiphanies (Greek: realisation, revelation, surface).

Yiannis Pappas