„NO to the Wall of Shame“-Migrantische Kämpfe in Calais

„NO to the Wall of Shame“- migrant struggles in Calais


The effects of the precarious European immigration policies appear not only in the Mediterranean, but also in the heart of Europe. Against the background of escalating border politics, Calais – with its specific geographical location – has been for more than 20 years a hot spot for conflicts on borders and the freedom of movement. Each year several thousand migrants cross the city on their way to Great Britain, to build up there a new life. They come from countries like Sudan, Eritrea, Syria or Afghanistan. Most of them attempt to hide in trucks and hope that way to reach the island. Often they wait in Calais for several months, until their attempts are successful. During this time, they face violent police repression. With dogs, heartbeat detectors and truck X-ray units, border patrols on both sides of the English Channel chase migrants. At the same time the right-wing movement “Sauvons Calais!“(in English: “Let us rescue Calais“) has for several years organized against migrants.

Philippe Wannesson, long-time activist, a migrant activist, an activist of the no-border-group Calais as well as an activist migrant from Calais, now living in Berlin will report on the current situation, as well as on solidarity, support and migrant activism in Calais. Works of students from the “Department for Spatial Strategies. Weißensee School of Art” will accompany the event. The works result from a one-week research trip in June 2014 in Calais.


Please note that the talk and discussion will be in English.


Tuesday, February 3th 2015

7 p.m.

Versammlungsraum im Mehringhof

Gneisenaustr. 2a, 10961 Berlin

U-Station Mehringdamm


Organized by borderline-europe , the bookshop „Schwarze Risse“ and the Department for Spatial Strategies. Weißensee School of Art