OGINO KNAUSS – re:centering peripheries and other projects

24th of April 4pm, Raumstrategien, Concordia 3rd floor, Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee

OGINOKNAUSS is an independent research collective experimenting with audiovisual language and other forms of open narratives. In recent projects, the attention has been focused on the globalizing urban landscape, applying image production techniques in the attempt to develop innovative listening and description practices about cultural urban processes.


At Raumstrategien Ogino Knauss will  talk about their methodology and present some of their recent ongoing projects as „Re:centering periphery“ which is a multiple format documentary project investigating the urbanization developed by the modernist ideology, the related production of peripheries, and the everyday-life practices inhabiting and transforming their environment.

The presentation/discussion will be in English

Moderated by Kathrin Wildner