RINGSCHAU / An art project of the Masters course Space Strategies, Weißensee Art School, Berlin

For one semester, students of the Art School Weißensee, Berlin, navigated the ring cirling the Berlin train system. On long trips, traveling clockwise or anticlockwise, this seminar was held in the ‘Ringbahn’, where you can neither get lost nor reach an endstation.

During this process of circling the city, artworks emerged that dealt with the ‘between spaces’ along the railwayline, recording and invetorising found objects and fragments of space.

The Agency of imaginary trips offers a ‘Ringtour’; the performative work Accidentologies plays on planned accidents in empty stretches of land; and the fictional new trainline the S43 provokes an extension of our sense not of space, but of time.

The performances, video and photo works are to be exhibited in an empty row of shops in the S-Bahn station Hermannstraße, and in various sites along the railwayline across the city. Paralel to this, further works are presented in the ‘Rundgang’ of the Weißensee Art School on Saturday and Sunday the 13th and 14th of July.

Elena Lee, Eva Schmidhuber, Evanthia Giannakopoulou, Julia Masagão, Kika Yang, Lerato Shadi, Mari Poller,  Pallin Tansawat, Patricia Breves, Sven Borger, Victoria Anderson mit Maren Strack, Stephan Morsch, Bettina Visman, and Aleks Cigale

Exhibition site:  S Bahnstation Hermannstraße, in the row of shops along Siegfriedstraße.

Vernissage:  Friday, the 12th of July, 7pm to 10pm.

Geöffnet: Samstag, 13. Juli    16:00 – 22:00 und Sonntag, 14. Juli    16:00 – 22:00    (ab 20:00 Finissage)