Semester Plan Summer 2018

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the summer semester 2018. This semester is focusing on the concepts of labour, labour class, labour society. All three concepts seem to vanish with the industrialisation 4.0. We will look if it is like that. Alice’s seminar is about the actualisation of the worker’s questionnaire of Marx. Konstanze Schmitt (our new teacher for Performance) will tell and practise a lot to worker theatre and its current strategies, and Stefan and Andreas will cooperate in a research about the future of the labour society at the Futurium. A practical focus lies on film. Cinema Copains will have a workshop and also the co-production of Andreas and Stefan could end in an animation film. Some issues of the last semester will continue: Mapping will end in a new Raumzine (Günter), the reflection about Lefebvre and der festivalisation and the more and more urgent getting re-approproation of public space will go on (Elisa). And the seminar of Michael will reflect about the formalisms which were created by the modernisation of ’68, among that in the direction of digitalisation.
We wish all of us a lot of delight, curiousness and energy!

PDF Semester Plan 2018