Semester Plan Summer 2017

Hello everybody,

welcome to summer semester 2017. The focus of this semester is the symposion “Alltageintagaus” to Lefebvre´s Spatial Theory and the “Right to the City” that takes place in May 4rth at the Mehringhof / Dragoner Area. Everybody is cordially invited to take part in the preparing works and discussions. Also a new RaumZine will come into existence, this time about the much discussed term “Alternative Facts”. Again you are invited to participate in any form you like. We recommend and support insistently any participation on projects like these. Nowhere else you can gather such valuable experiences and intensification of your own issues and working ideas. Apart from that much of the issues, projects and discssions of the last semester will be actualized or even realized. But this semester offers also new seminars like that one about “The Street”, Brecht or a discussion about Enlightment and the “new” right movements. To keep the Monday and Friday again available for your personal and / or wage work we have to accept an overlap of the two seminars on Wednesday, but we will see how to go on with that in the next months. The exeption of the blue Monday is the Monday Colloqium. It is depending on your engagement and participation which we appreciate very much. To all of you an enriching and inspiring summer semester.

PDF Sommersemesterplan 2017