Theory-Practice-Project II (Main project)

bury +place / collect + mix

Site: Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistic, Moabit, Siemensstraße 27
Professors: Kathrin Wildner, Maren Strack, Stephan Mörsch, Frederic Schröder

The starting-point of this project, which was held over two semesters, is the former train depot between Moabit and Westhafen. The building and its grounds were at the time being expanded by the ZK/U (Centre for Art and Urbanistics) into an interdisciplinary laboratory for research and art.

The main project of the Masters is a cooperation with the ZK/U beginning before the site is opened to the public. Students explore the site, conducting excursions, field research, peformative interventions and other spatial strategies.

The project revolves around not only the building itself, but also its grounds, the suburb Moabit and the area of Westhafen. Alongside the thematicisation of material space, this site-specific project work also involves teasing out the social and dicursive situations accompanying the process of urban transformation occurring around the ZK/U. The area is both a concrete site of urban development and an urban laboratory of theoretical reflections, artistic projects and spatial interventions.

Over two semesters, the area will be the home base of the Space Strategies students, resulting in an onsite exhibition and series of events at the end of the project.