Master’s Thesis by Sonja Hornung

Supervised by Dr. Kathrin Wildner & Prof. Alice Creischer

1. A grid is superimposed on the world.
2. Snapped to the pattern of the grid, material can be extracted. Some winners; many losers. Borders maintained by violence.
3. Rules are added; rules fought for to protect the common good.
4. Erosion of the rules. She who negotiates best, wins. But what is there left to win?
5. This is what happens next.

Installation (2x4m) with silkscreeen prints, Halma figures, acrylic glass, grease, pigment, sandpaper, dice with erased surface; and performance (1hr 30min) with Hilarey Cowan, Carrie McIlwain, Josephine Findeison, Lauren Müller & Vanessa Gageos.