Von Kino Zum Kasino

Moabit’s Gambling Tattoo Parlour: All Bets Considered.
Join us to place your bets as part of ZK/U Fußballa balla alternative world cup season
Schedule for the Kasino (announced weekly):
Opening: Friday 13th June Week
Commencing 16th June: Monday 16th 17.00 – 20.30, Wednesday 18th 20.00 – 22.30

What better way to record the bond between you and your team than a tat? Dream of Moabit’s golden cinema years while spinning the wheel of your future. Bet with friends or the Kasino to win unique body artwork or tattooing rights over another person’s body. Through a canny mix of market speculation and personalised insignia the tattoo parlour will explore the problem of belonging. At the heart of a recurrent debate around the accelerated state and private advances upon the city’s innards, the Kasino gyrates with each of us, entangled in the stomach of the predators. The Kasino accepts wagers and bets evaluated by the location and size of the proposed tattoo. We currently trade in tattoos only however informal and alternative currencies may be employed and combined during bets between customers. The Kasino may later move into alternative forms of trade as it seeks to understand the potential of alternative, crypto, and skills-based currencies in the critique of the more formalised (yet abstracted) money-form.