Widerständigkeit-Resistance – Master’s Exhibition


Exhibition of Master Work
Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Opening / 27.9.19 19 Uhr

What relationship does an archive of the Portuguese City Vila Real de Santo António have with research about traces, gestures and strategies of resistance in Teheran? What are the resonances between a work investigating resentment in labor – devising tricks to outwit grueling workplaces, and pulling a rope to re-enact the myth of Procrustes? The works of these „Raumstrategien“ masters students shine light on a variety of nuances around forms of resistance in everyday life. These topics are researched both close-up and with historical distance – through artistic, activist, personal and collective perspectives. By opening up forgotten or overlooked spaces, the works strive to cultivate tangible solidarities through which a potential social impact of art and artistic practice might be realized.

Performances and presentations will take place throughout the course of the exhibition

Roshanak Amini
Simon Behringer
Sylvia Fessa
Dominik Fraßmann
Johanna Gilje
Angeliki Koutsodimitropoulou
Cetus Kuo
Maki Leos Hosokawa
Lin Nowicki
Marta Setúbal