Workshop with Hiwa K

In this workshop I would like to combine two of my ongoing projects: Chicago Boys and Cooking with Mama. For these 3 days students can participate with their personal stories or any form of contribution such as anecdotes, objects, or youtube videos from their ‚home‘ countries. Students who can play a bit of music (guitar, drum kit, keyboard and vocals or other instruments, not necessarily professionals), should bring their instruments, as we might cover some songs from the 70s and 80s of their country of origins. I would also be happy to invite some of the students to cook through skype with his/her mother or anyone ‚at home‘. In both projects we are working on tracing economic shifts in different countries and the conditions of neoliberalism by looking at everyday stories and anecdotes. Making music and cooking is a way that we can bring issues of geopolitics into the discussion and create an atmosphere for the production of knowledge in an informal way inside the art school.

Chicago Boys: While we were singing, they were dreaming